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| Community: Creekside Gables

Happy Holidays from Creekside Gables

December is such a wonderful month of giving and spending time with family and friends. Time to reflect back on all the wonderful things that have happened through the year and get ready for the New Year. Here at Creekside Gables, we are always having fun we love our crafts and bingo and this month we loved getting ready for our Christmas Party and Ugly Sweater contest on December 9th.  Our residents are headed out on our Lang Nelson Bus for dinner and then going out to Severs holiday lights. Such a beautiful season. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Creekside Gables.

We are looking forward to having fun this month! Check out Creekside Gables Activities for the month in our activity calendar

Check out the Severs holiday lights, take the family out for a wonderful evening. 

We are still collecting outer ware and shoes for hunger if you would like to stop by and donate see the link below HoHHHHoolHH.

If you or a family member would like to join in on the fun and make Creekside Gables your home, give us a call at 763-503-0104 or email us at  to book an appointment to take a tour of our wonderful community.  We look forward to showing you all the reasons why Creekside Gables is the place to be!