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Resident Stories

Our residents and their satisfaction is our number one priority. We are proud to celebrate our residents and their history. Read more about some of the wonderful residents that call Lang Nelson home.

Meet Carol and Sharon, sisters living at Calibre Chase


I just love my new place! Management has done so much and treated me really well, I just love it here!

Paul and Judy


We really love the community and the friendliness of everyone.

Ardys H.


My favorite thing about living at Anthony James is the people. It enhances my life to have found such great friends when I moved here. It is different than being in my own home because there is much more social opportunity.



I enjoy all of the meals at The Legacy!

Donna T


I am so delighted that I moved to Thomasville and White Bear Lake. I had few requirements but needed enough room for my favorite things, enough room for my ever increasing quantities of fiber art and supplies, a functional kitchen and acceptance of my best friend, Olivia. I've only been here since October but did enjoy some of the great green space before it became a vast white landscape of snow and ice, where the sidewalks were always shoveled and the driveways always plowed and best of all...I didn't have to do it. I am eager for spring, my bicycle, downtown White Bear Lake, the CSA drop-off at the community clubhouse here and my garden plot. Management is active and visible so any problems are addressed quickly and there is incredible response to anything needing maintenance...It is a joy to not have to do that..anymore! And on site Yoga too... What more do I need.

Ann B.

Featured Resident

“I haven’t heard of or seen of another place to live with as much to do as the Arbors! I feel blessed.”

Ann was born in St. Paul, MN to Mary and Natale C. They had nine children and Ann was the 6th child born. Her father was born in Italy and was a very good father, but also very strict. Her mom was born Little Canada, MN. When Ann was eight years old, her parents bought a 35-acre farm in Little Canada with an outhouse in the back yard (remember those?). The whole family worked very hard on the farm raising vegetables to sell at the market. They also raised chickens for meat and eggs for the family and they had one cow for milk and cream.

They did not have a car so Ann and her siblings had to walk about two miles to a one-room school house. During the winter months, they suffered greatly when the weather got really cold. After grade school, Ann went to White Bear High School. She did not have to walk to school as she had the opportunity to ride the bus. After graduation, she worked for St. Paul Corrugated as a stenographer for a little over a year. While working there, she met a nice Italian carpenter, by the name of Peter C. They were married in 1946 and lived in St. Paul and they had four children; John, Luann, Tony &Susan. Unfortunately, after only twelve years of marriage, he died in 1958 of cancer.

Two years later, in 1960, she met and married Roger B. He worked at a lumber company. They built a nice home with a swimming pool in Little Canada and through the years became parents of four children; Mary Ann, Patricia, Edward & James. Roger was an excellent father to all eight children. Ann would travel with Roger when his business sent him out of town. During these years, she had the opportunity to visit New York, Washington, D.C., St. Louis, Missouri & Miami Beach. During Christmas time one year, after twenty-two years of marriage, Ann and the children were waiting for Roger to come home from work so they all could go to a Christmas program. Instead, a policeman came to their door to inform them that Roger had died of a massive heart attack. The family was devastated. Eddie, their 20 year old son, was very close to his father and couldn’t handle the shock. He suffered a very tragic accident and passed away. It seems that Ann’s life has been one heartache after another. The family felt that they wouldn’t have gotten through all this grief if it hadn’t been for their strong faith and the love and understanding of her wonderful family and friends.

While married to Roger and after their last child entered kindergarten, Ann went to Beauty School. When she finished school she set up a room in their home to start her beautician business and continued working until her Insurance Agent, Gene A., asked her to be his wife in 1991. They bought and lived in a condo in Little Canada. The children were all away from home at this point in her life so Gene &Ann spent their winter months in Brooksville, FL (which is near Tampa).

Ann has done volunteer work at Little Sisters of the Poor, helped at church and visited the sick at St. John’s Hospital. She is the mother of eight children. Her youngest, Jimmy, is a teacher in Costa Rica and she has visited him there a couple of times. Her oldest John lives in South Dakota; Mary Ann, Patricia & Luann live in Little Canada; Susan lives in Vadnais Heights; and Tony lives in White Bear Lake. They are all married and Ann is the grandmother to seven grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Ann has had a lot of hard knocks during her life and suffers greatly from depression. Her doctor is having trouble getting her medications corrected so she can overcome her troubled mind. It’s been suggested that she try to only concentrate on all the good things in her life – like the happiness during her marriages, her children and all her grand & great-grand children. However, it’s easy to make suggestions but put yourself in her shoes and you would find it is not all that easy to manage your thoughts. Amen!

Ann feels very blessed to have such a wonderful family. They wanted her to live in a nice place with friendly people and with lots of activities to partake in. She hit the JACKPOT moving to the Arbors as I haven’t seen or heard of another place with as many things to do. Ann has said that most people here are very nice and she thinks the world of Scott – as we all do. Ann, we are very happy you chose the Arbors as your new home and we all will try to help you get through your depression in any way we can.

We all welcome you into our family here at the Arbors.

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Freda B.


“I love living at Broadway Village because of all of the things that our community offers. I love the heated pool, fun social events, entertainment and all of the people.”

Freda was born in Houston, Texas on June 26, 1958. She and her brother lived there only a few years before their father got a job in Minnesota and they decided to relocate. She has lived here ever since and loves it. She loves the snow, the cold and the four seasons that we have in Minnesota. She occasionally goes back to Texas to visit family and for family reunions. Family is center of everything for Freda. She loves when her brother from California comes to visit.

Most of all she loves spending time with her son who lives in Hopkins and her three amazing grandchildren. When she has her grandkids, Freda likes to take them to DW’s Diner, the park or just plays with them. Children are very close to Freda’s heart as she used to work for the Robbinsdale School District as a student advocate for minority students. The most rewarding part of this work was seeing the kids turn from not wanting to participate in school into getting A’s and B’s.

Many years later Freda also worked at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency as a Community Liaison. She held community forums to discuss how and what type of pollution was affecting certain areas. She was able to meet a diverse group of people through traveling to different areas for this type of work. One of her memories was going to a reservation and meeting Native Americans, she recalls that it was a very unique experience. She has never been a 9 to 5 type of person and loves getting out into communities, meeting people and making a difference.

Freda has many different hobbies. One of her favorite things to do is to go to garage sales and thrift stores to shop. “It is very interesting and you can find very unique, one-of-a-kind type of things at a very inexpensive price,” says Freda. Freda loves all different types of music but two of her favorites are the blues and gospel music. She also loves to go swimming and is getting back into exercise. Freda has been part of our Broadway Village family for 7 years and we’re happy to have her for many more years to come!

Thank you freda for making broadway village your home! We feel honored to know you and celebrate you as part of our community!

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Craig M.


The best feature Emerald Pointe has is the landscaping, the grounds, the upkeep of the buildings and the time and effort put into the upkeep. The best experience I have had is that Maintenance is like Jimmy Johns, "freaky fast!" They are very quick to respond and to get the job done.

Jalayna & Edith L.


"My daughter and I have lived at Cedarwood Apartments for about 16 months, this is a very nice place to reside I enjoy being on the third floor so I have a better view of the beautiful Landscape of the property. I feel the management and staff are wonderful, very welcoming, friendly, courteous and respectful. The maintenance staff provides service in a very professional and timely manner. The amenities that the apartment provides are very nice and comfortable."

Jalayna L., daughter of Edith L., is an exceptional young lady! She is very active in her community where she participated in Make a Difference Day. She spent time collecting perishable food items for the Minnesota food shelf and received a certificate of achievement from the National Honor Society for her participation in this event. Jalayna also proudly maintains a 3.76 grade point average at Patrick Henry High School, as she just completed her junior year.

Jalayna has been nominated by her teachers and awarded the Yale University Award, honoring her for great intellectual promise. In addition, Jalayna has been accepted into the Hope Academic & Leadership Program at Winona State University. Her proud mother, Edith, moved to Minnesota from Missouri 18 years ago and they have been residents of Cedarwood for approximately one year. During our visit with Edith, on more than one occasion she said; “I love it here”. With great patience and sensitivity, Edith has been working in the Health and Human Services field with adults and children with special needs for over 20 years, while raising her 3 children. It is residents like this that make us proud to say, we love having you here too!

Congratulations to both Edith and Jalayna for your dedication and hard work, and thank you for being residents of Cedarwood!

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Calvin and Sherryl J.


In July of 2000, with two kids in high school, the Calvin and Sherryl decided to make their way to New Hope and make Emerald Pointe their home. After raising five kids, two of them decided to live with them here at Emerald Pointe. Years later, they have continued to stay here!

They currently have 14 grandchildren, with the oldest leaving for college this summer. Calvin recently retired, after years at D’amico & Partners and is hoping to enjoy his retirement. Sherryl has spent many hours watching her grandchildren and has helped out watching other kids when asked upon. They enjoy the community’s family feeling and we value them as special residents.

Thank you for making Emerald Pointe your home!

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Curtis and Dorothy


I love all of the delicious sweets and pastries available at the Ida Marie Restaurant. The staff is courteous and helpful. It is like family here. I also enjoy the wellness center, I use it almost every day and it has helped me keep my legs in shape!

Leo and Evelyn


“We are very appreciative of how nice everyone is to them at River Oaks.”

Leo and Evelyn R made their home in Anoka where they raised their five children. One of their favorite things to do as a family was spend time at their lake home. The kids would bring their friends, and their cousins and their aunts and their uncles and even some of their neighbors. It was a great place to relax and have fun swimming, boating, fishing, building bonfires and Leo’s favorite - Happy Hour! Followed with a fish fry depending on the catch of the day...

Evelyn enjoyed many years serving as a volunteer for Mercy Hospital as President of the Woman’s Auxiliary. Leo and Evelyn were both avid golfers and members of local golf leagues. Evelyn still has her golf clubs close by and is hoping to swing the clubs a few times this summer! They enjoy traveling and have taken many cruises all over the world with family and friends. They hope to revisit Alaska again because it was one of their favorite trips.

When Leo retired they moved to Arizona, living there for most of the year returning to Minnesota for the summer months. Last winter they decided to move back to Minnesota full time. Why, you might ask....? You will have to ask Evelyn! They settled into their new home at River Oaks, very quickly recognizing many of their neighbors and catching up with “old” friends.

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Malika B


“This will be my fourth year living at Autumn Woods. At Autumn Woods, I have connected and made friends with people from different places of the globe who share the same feeling of well-being at Autumn Woods."

More than a simple residence, it is a family! Not only do residents care for one another but the staff spends a considerable amount of time ensuring everyone is served. This goes beyond caring for the property in all its aspects such as neatness, repair, decoration, cultural themes, artifacts, esthetics, and much more. Autumn Woods is also a place where the community meets, shares, supports, gets involved in fun activities, and make connections. It includes a wide variety of age and cultures and seeing diversity is a true statement of comfort and happiness

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“I love the floor plan and the location of my apartment. I walk to the park and during the cooler weather I enjoy the exercise room. Its’ also close to everything. I also enjoy growing vegetables and herbs in the garden. I have made some close friends in the community. That is why I have lived here for over 20 years.”

Dottie P.


We are all really good friends here and I consider them my family!

Don and Jan


"I couldn't be happier. We never thought community living would be so nice. I feel so comfortable and 'at home' here."

June P


After being a confirmed home owner for most of my life, the notion of apartment living seemed an enormous leap of faith to me. Autumn Woods has been my home now for several satisfying years, surpassing all expectations for safe and comfortable living; a strong sense of community; warm friendships; a variety of social activities; and the support of a dependable, caring management team. Autumn Woods continues to be home, in every sense of the word.



My son and I love living at Summit Oaks! We go down for coffee and donuts every Friday morning in the common room and chat with our neighbors. The entire building has a warm and cozy feel. I feel like we have found our home!

Lillie B.


I absolutely love living at Creekside Gables. They care about people.


30 year resident of Twin Lake North

"I love my apartment, the landscaping, and most of all the people. Everyone takes care of me!"

Lily C.


It is just a great place to live. You have everything you need here!

Earl and Joyce G.


Since moving to River Oaks we have found that amazing things happen when we pick up the phone! The staff is always so willing to help us with anything we need. Within minutes we have whatever we need or want. The immediate response is always with a caring smile and a question, "Is there anything else I can do for you?" We are blessed to call River Oaks our home.

Lana and Harold


We really like all of the windows in our apartment and we are happy with the food!



I love the amenities and sense of community at Cedarwood. I feel safe with family here. We're close to Becker Park, and we love to attend the events such as the music events and the Crystal Frolics. The staff is friendly and they always go above and beyond my expectations.

Marilyn B.


"I just love the people at the Crossings! It's wonderful to be surrounded by such nice people. I enjoy being a Wii bowling cheerleader and the opportunity to be social. The best part of my apartment is the porch overlooking the well maintained grounds and green spaces, and then the building is well managed! I am very satisfied here!"

Sue K


"The reason I enjoy living at Emerald Pointe is that the residents are family!"

Sussanna J


"Wow, the love and kindness for each other and the staff is like none other I have known. They are a true blessing to us all."

Sherree L


“The development of relationships with residents has added much joy to my life.”