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| Community: Twin Lake North

Joyful December at Twin Lake North!

Happy Holidays TLN Community! The end of the year is fast approaching and we have had some fantastic events throughout the year. Everything from Breakfast, Evening Bingo, Cookouts, Rec on the go, Night to Unite, Chili Cook-offs, Restaurant Adventures, Craft and vendor Fairs, Plays, Food Drives, Flu shots, Veteran’s luncheon, and a host of other fabulous community-building events. Our residents also spent an enjoyable time at the holiday light displays at Sever’s Festivals

We held a Holiday Event on December 19th,  we ate, played games, and shared the different holiday traditions from various cultures in our community.  We thank those who came to share some of their traditions with us, it was an honor. 

As we wrap up 2023 and bring in 2024, we will continue to promote Lang Nelson values to strengthen and grow the TLN community by providing “above-and-beyond” service with event and memory-building lifetime experiences to our TLN Families.

If you want to join our TLN Community or want more information about our TLN events please get in touch with us at or call (763) 533-1168!