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| Community: Thomasville

Join us for our Sunday Brunch at Thomasville!

Smoke Free! Did you know that living by the lake is better than ever? Visit us to see why!
Autumn at Thomasville brings S’mores, bonfires, pie making potlucks, hot chocolate, pumpkin carving in the clubhouse and our annual trek to the Pine Tree Apple Orchard here in White Bear Lake!
The residents of Thomasville invite you to stop in and enjoy the events, food and good conversations in the clubhouse!
Keep track of our event offerings online at
By the way, The first Sunday of every month is our resident brunch 11:30am-12:30pm located at 1720 4th Street in our clubhouse.
Stop in, enjoy and stay or call to
schedule your personal tour at
Thomasville today!

Thomasville Apartments
1720 4th Street
White Bear Lake, MN 55110