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Creating a Summer with Purpose and Wellness at Thomasville

Get involved
No doubt, and understandably so, the pandemic has forced us all into our own cocoons of solidarity. But as we begin to slowly merge out of these cocoons, peeking out into the world, wondering where we fit again, the options are beginning to present themselves and they are available! If you are one of the many on a soulful search of purpose, and looking to enrich your life, this is your season to finally stop reading blog after blog of ideas and get out there. Start small and watch the transformations that come with connection. At Thomasville Apartments , we do the heavy lifting for you, offering a monthly calendar of resident events in place to inspire a life deeper than just living, but thriving, and encouraging your interests and hobbies to be shared. 

Get active
Thomasville Apartments is diving into wellness and bringing it to the residents that live here. Coming June 15th, we have connected with Anytime Fitness  to host a free wellness morning including a healthy breakfast, a seminar on topics around a healthy active lifestyle,  and a group workout in the courtyard. Everyone attending will even get a free month with Anytime. On Mondays in May, we have a group walk set up that will continue all season long, so if you’re just getting started or nervous to walk alone, we have your back.

  • Make yourself a morning, afternoon, or weekly ritual that gets you outside and moving. Walking, kayaking, and tennis are all ideas that can be free fun and activity once you have what you need. There are endless lakes, tennis courts and walking paths in our city of White Bear Lake Minnesota  

Get creative
They say to have a thriving life we should all have three hobbies implemented into our daily lives… something that keeps you in shape, something that keeps you creative, and something that makes you money. We got the active part down for you, and we have the creative as well. Thomasville Apartments has two beautiful gardens kept and shared by the residents here, and we host crafts inside our clubhouse as well as craft contests with great prizes. Connect with the creative side of yourself again!

  • Use nature as your source of inspiration. Collect wild flowers on a walk and place them in a vase on your dining table. Creativity is allowed to be as simple or complex as you would like it to be.
  • Go to your local JoAnn Fabrics or look around your home for wooden dowels, beads and string and make a hanging summer inspired mobile
  •  Need a prompt? Buy this Drawing Prompt Book on Amazon for only $9.
  •  White Bear Center for the Arts  offers classes of all kinds from drawing, to painting to photography and clay. Mix creativity with involvement and join their community of artists at all stages.

Call Thomasville Apartments today to join us where we don’t just live, we thrive!
1720 4th Street White Bear Lake MN 55110