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Thomasville hosts a study hour and a Soup Potluck, join in the fun!

Thomasville Apartments Neighborhood Study Hour Extravaganza!
After school study hour has expanded due to popular demand and high attendance! Come join the neighborhood study hour Monday through Friday 3:45-4:45pm in the Thomasville Clubhouse! Students from the local neighborhood are joining in. Bring your backpacks and study material. Kick back in the clubhouse, get help from honor students, enjoy a snack and get your homework done before you head home! Join the brainy students who take pride in their commitment to getting good grades!
Shop at Kowalskis Market, Cub, Festival, Rainbow or Trader Joe’s and pick up all your soup making supplies!
Come stave off winters’ chill 
Thomasville is having a 
Soup Pot Luck
January 21st @ 6:30pm in the clubhouse!
Share your best soup and slurp some hot, homemade soups from around the world!
**Make sure you check out our website for our monthly calendar of events!
Click on the Thomasville Apartments Activity Calendar and come join in all the fun! You’ll be glad you did!
Stop in, Email, or call to schedule your personal tour at Thomasville today!

Thomasville Apartments
1720 4th Street
White Bear Lake, MN 55110