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| Community: Thomasville

Thomasville Offers So Many Fun Options

The Thomasville community in White Bear Lake has always supported all local businesses in the surrounding area. We are a community that really enhances the experience of living in White Bear Lake. There is quite a bit of fun-filled places that are close to the Thomasville community.  If you love to shop, visit Goodthings at 2184 4th St. #1, White Bear Lake,  Goodthings this local shop is a specialty gift shop located in White Bear Lake. I guess it means they have a lot of good things!  Another local shop is Bald Eagle Boat Rental, 4444 129th Street North, White Bear Lake,
Why not rent a pontoon that’s suited for fishing or cruising the lake on beautiful days or nights? There is also a local ice cream shop within walking distance from Thomasville. It’s called Cup and Cone at 2126 4th Street, White Bear Lake, and is open year-round can you believe this place opened in 1973 and serves old-school cones and sundaes?

The City of White Bear Lake has big-city fun in a small-Town setting. Why not make Thomasville your forever home so you could go down pick up a treat or shop until your drop, plus give a good review and continue to support your local businesses?

Call 651-426-2048 to Make Thomasville your next home!