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| Community: Summit Oaks

Night to Unite, cooking classes and so much more at Summit Oaks!

Plans are underway for Night to Unite which is Tuesday, August 4, 2015.  Summit Oaks will have a “Dress in Orange” contest this year as the theme color is orange.  Voting will take place and the winner will receive a prize for being the best dressed in orange!  The evening will start at 5:00pm.  Summit Oaks will grill hot dogs and provide chips and soda. Sign-up sheets will be in the lobby for dishes to pass for the pot luck barbeque.  We will have yard games, a duck pond, door prizes and the Coon Rapids Police and Fire Departments will be stopping by to say hello.
Summit Oaks once again has a busy month and we invite you to join us in some of the fun. We will be taking a bus to the Minneapolis Farmers Market on July 20, 2015.  We always enjoy our ride on a Lang Nelson bus to our adventures away from Summit Oaks with family and friends.  “Cooking with Kim” is an event that we added a few months ago and it is taking off.  It’s a great way to learn different dishes to make and there have been some family favorites shared with new recipes each month.  The swimming pool has been very busy this year!  It is wonderful to see all of the families and grandchildren coming to enjoy the pool with us.
If you haven’t been to Summit Oaks, now is the time for a visit. We have an energetic community that is a fantastic place to visit and an even better place to call home!  Please contact us at 763-421-3152 or email  We would love to share our Lang Nelson Community experience with you!