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| Community: Summit Oaks

Join us for an upcoming event at Summit Oaks!

It was a December day, a typical calm quiet most Tuesdays are, when red kept flashing along with cameras clicking, as everyone peered out the front door at Summit Oaks. What is going on?  Who are these people?  My goodness, WOW - it’s the RED HATTERS!  YES!  Red Hatters invited by their friend who lives at Summit Oaks. The Red Hattersheld their Holiday Luncheon with catering expertise led by the Summit Oaks staff.  Chef Scott personally prepared a pre-selected luncheon from the exquisite Ida Marie Restaurant!….. And, Yes, the Red Hatters dined that day in the Summit Oaks community room without a worry.  This group of 2-dozen Red Hatters appeared as if Santa himself delivered them!  All were dressed in their symbolic Red Hats, as they enjoyed a very special day at Summit Oaks!
But seriously….. this is exactly how Summit Oaks spoils residents and friends!  We’ll make you feel like a celebrity and we’ll take care of the incidentals.  This group relaxed and enjoyed a sit down meal, attention to their needs and details were covered so they were able to enjoy the spirit of the Holiday and dine with their friends.
Lunch was catered by Lang Nelson’s own Ida Marie Restaurant, personally prepared by Chef Scott.  Lunch for 24, was served sit down style that started with homemade tomato basil soup. The group was then served a delicious chicken croissant sandwich and salad with homemade dressings.
Although there was no mayhem or calamity at this innocuous event, the Red Hatters experienced Summit Oaks and dining at its finest.  
Following this fabulous feast these friends frolicked fashionably singing Christmas carols, while Gladys played the piano!
Join Summit Oaks today, you will have so much fun here.  Call 763-421-3152