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Summit Oaks, a lifestyle you will love!

Summit Oaks residents celebrated Fat Tuesday Mardis Gras style….
Recent celebrations in February were absolutely fun!. We had our Mardy Pardy where everyone celebrated Fat Tuesday - Mardis Gras style. Beads were flying, raffles were raffling and masks were, well, doing their mask thing, the food was tasty …. And how much fun was that to kick it up a notch? Then we couldn’t wait to celebrate some more, so we had a quaint Valentine’s Party with a gift celebration where chocolate hugs & kisses were handed left, then right, then left, if you were there you’d have a kiss or hug, too…. Yes, it’s one of those that you’ had to be there’ – Summit Oaks, we know how to celebrate life and make memories.  Fun, laughter with good friends Summit style is what we do and we do it better than anywhere else.  Join the fun.  Summit Oaks – where residents know how to live and laugh and enjoy a great life.
11750 Tulip St NW. Coon Rapids, MN. 55433
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