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Snoopy is on the move!

 The Lang Nelson Experience includes many things, all of which are items we hope bring value and joy to our residents and all those important to them.  One of these items is our unofficial mascot, Snoopy.  For years, he helped welcome patrons into our Ida Marie Restaurants.  He also helped oversee some physical construction projects, and also helped both celebrate and bring excitement to the many community enhancements over the years. 
Most recently, Snoopy occupied our Autumn Woods community.  There he helped welcome everyone whom entered and helped to celebrate all aspects of the AW Experience.  He was known for wearing shamrocks during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, flags around the 4th of July, hardhats during renovations and upgrades, and too many other costumes and gear to mention.  
However now, it is time for Snoopy to bring joy to a new community.  Though were will he land?