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| Community: River Oaks of Anoka

River Oaks Hosts Hymns with Joann from Riverdale Church

At River Oaks of Anoka, we are honored to have Joann come in to play the piano and sing hymns with the residents. Riverdale church is located in Andover, MN. They have always been involved with River Oaks of Anoka and have been a great resource for helping coordinate bible studies and more church services for residents. For more information about Riverdale church, please visit

River Oaks of Anoka ensures that there are services to meet the needs of many residents. We have several churches who come to River Oaks and perform services. At River Oaks, your spiritual needs will be met without leaving the building. We are happy to provide these services and activities that enhance the lives of many residents.

If you are interested in touring River Oaks of Anoka, please contact Kyle at 763-233-6071 or