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River Oaks Partners with for Senior Resources

Downsizing. This can be a scary term faced by many seniors. It can be a very hard task that leads to storing items, selling them, giving them away, or moving them into your new residence. Whatever the case may be, downsizing can be a lot of work. Thanks to, they have created a Senior Storage Guide to help with this task.

This guide addresses specific needs of seniors, tells you what to look for, how to shop around, and questions that should be asked when researching storage options. This guide will help you choose the perfect solution for any storage needs that may come with downsizing. To learn more information about this resource, please visit

Don’t let downsizing keep you from living your best life at River Oaks of Anoka. If you are interested in touring River Oaks of Anoka, please contact Taylor at 612-770-1071 or