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Transportation is more than just an errand and grocery bus; we are going places!

Our fun runs are increasing each and every month and we cannot get enough of it.  To see the smiling faces of our residents as they continue to enjoy the spring and soon summer reminds us all what life is really all about.  Being able to enjoy our friends and share laughter and joy.  Pictured you will see our Calibre residents enjoying a ride at the Arboretum and Our Orono residents grabbing some ice cream after a shopping spree.  We are also ramping up for our “Let’s Go Fishing” trips that will be in full swing starting in June. “Oh Happy Day!”

For more information, click on the links below!

Arboretum, or Let’s go fishing,

Join us today at a Lang Nelson community near you! Live with us, Ride our bus!

Lang Nelson Senior Transportation