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Happy Labor Day from Lang Nelson Associates, Inc!

Labor Day is a United States national holiday, honoring working people, their contributions,achievements and sacrifices in pursuit of national prosperity and well-being. It is held annually on the first Monday of September.

As part of the Labor Day celebrations, in normal times, street parades are held all over the country.  

The Labor Day weekend is generally seen to mark the end of the summer season (while Memorial Day is considered to be the beginning of the summer season). Summer cultural activities end, and fall activities, such as school and sports events, start around this time. In many areas school classes resume shortly before or after the Labor Day holiday weekend.

This year may look different, but we are still celebrating you... you are all heroes in our eyes!  Relax and enjoy your Labor Day Holiday! 

Further reading:
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Thank you to all residents and employees in our Lang Nelson Family!  We appreciate you! 

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