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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

The Legacy shared how Nursing Safety can be fun for everyone!

Nursing staff at The Legacy is working so hard to keep all of the residents and staff as healthy as possible during COVID-19. Nursing is going above and beyond to make sure all residents have their mask on correctly, along with friendly reminders throughout the day regarding extra handwashing or utilizing the hand sanitizing stations located throughout the building. Even with the masks on and 6’ social distancing, we can feel the smiles even though they are hidden! The Legacy team joins in with friendly reminders of mask wearing as safety is our number one commitment. Mask wearing has surely become the new normal here for us at The Legacy as our motto is “I wear my mask to protect you and you wear yours to protect me”. Thanks again to The Legacy of St. Anthony Nursing team for all you do! Pictured is our RN Kathy with one of our residents!  

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