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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Fly Me to The Moon – Apollo to the Moon...presented by the Legacy of St. Anthony

The Legacy welcomed Rob Ellos in to present about Apollo to the Moon. The models and props Rob brought were a great addition to the presentation with him sharing with us the history behind each piece and prop in mission sequence. Learning about human space trips to the Moon from blast-off at Kennedy Space Center to splashdown in the Pacific Ocean was amazing. Rob shared the interaction he had with Buzz Aldrin, and moon walker Harrison Schmitt along with shared information that he learned from both these gentlemen. There were so many new facts that we were unaware of, and we heard about the N-1 Rocket that the Soviets tried to beat us to the moon with. Bringing in this fascinating, dynamic talk was enjoyed by both residents and staff.

The Legacy of St. Anthony is pleased to have created a partnership with Rob Ellos. Rob Ellos Contact - 651-439-2963 or

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