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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Time “Marches” on at the Legacy of St. Anthony

Happy to be in March.  So much promise in this month, and in the months to come.  In addition to St. Patick’s Day (Sunday, March 17th) we celebrate the many blessings that Easter (Sunday, March 31st) bestows upon us.  The Legacy of St. Anthony will be alive with all that signifies hope and the coming of Spring.

There has been a positive reaction to our Virtual Concerts.  The next one is featuring the Music of Simon & Garfunkel in Central Park.  Musical artists are selected by the residents. Shown in our beautiful Silver Lake Cinema, and popcorn is always served.

One other suggestion was to have Jeopardy two times a month.  We are so very excited to announce that starting in March, Jeopardy will occur two times a month, just as requested.

The voter registration board has been ( contacted in our area.  The bad news is a “voting team” is unable to come into our building due to their policy of not providing services to Assisted Living Facilities.  The really good news is that they sent voter registration cards and absentee ballot applications for the upcoming elections for 2024.  If you are someone who does not want to vote via absentee ballots, Autumn Woods (our sister property is an official polling place.  We will make sure that there is transportation for you to utilize if your desire is to vote at the polls.  It’s a “win, win” situation for all.

Three Ambassador’s from Girl Scout Troop 56625 (Juniors in High School) along with Brownie Troop 58329 (2nd grade) made Valentines for all of the residents who live at The Legacy.  The two troops have partnered up on a couple of occasions to work together on several community projects.  The girls represent a few of the different local school districts including St. Anthony,  https://www.isd282 Mounds View/Irondale   and Spring Lake Park.

Ambassador Troop 56625 was established when the now Junior in High School girls were Kindergarteners at Wilshire Park Elementary (  The troop has stayed together even with some of girls moving into other school districts. We still have 6 active members who are all starting to begin planning and working on their “Gold Award”. The Gold Award is the highest achievement within the Girl Scouts of the USA, earned by Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts. Ambassador Carly S. has worked in the Ida Marie dining room at The Legacy since 2021.

The Valentine's Day Brunch was a huge success, and the compliments on the food were never ending.   Thank you, TEAM LEGACY.  Your tireless efforts in serving our residents and their guests were outstanding.  In addition to all of the wonderful food and piano music, we crowned our new King and Queen of Hearts.  Our newly crown King and Queen won a special service certificate to our fabulous  J.C. Salon.   Another one of our residents won the "Guess How Much the Heart Weighs" Contest.   The actual weight of the heart was 4 pounds, 1 ounce.  Her guess? 4 pounds.  She won a Valentine's Day gift basket for her efforts.

Our next big event is the St. Patrick's Day/Birthday event.  Besure to join us for a fun filled event on Thursday, March 14th at 2:00 p.m. It will take place in our beautiful Ida Marie Dining room.  Chefs from the Ida Marie dining services will be making cake topped with ice cream.  There will also be live entertainment provide by: Todd Anderson.  (  Don’t forget to wear green.

The month of March is sure to be a busy for us.  In addition to our St. Patrick's Day, Easter falls on March 31st.  To add a little more excitement to this fun filled month, we are having two more of our ever-popular guessing contests.  They are "Guess How Much the Blarney Stone Weighs," and "Guess How Much the Giant Easter Egg Weighs."  You will find ballots for your guesses at the display table in the front lobby near the reception desk.  If you need help in filling out your official guessing ballot, just ask one of our staff members.  They would love to help you. I'm encouraging everyone to participate, as you might win a prize.   

Family, friends, neighbors as well as our other Lang Nelson and Apartments   are always cordially invited! If you want to take part in our programing, enjoy a delicious meal, or tour our beautiful building, come on in for a visit.  We are happy to have you.  Too busy for an in-house tour?  Schedule a virtual tour.  We have already done several virtual tours and have received positive feedback on this creative use of technology.  Don't forget to visit our Facebook Page to see the many photos of our events.  A "picture is worth a thousand words."  And the smiles on the faces in those photo's say everything!   Call us today to schedule a tour.   Or, email

The Legacy of St. Anthony
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