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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

The Legacy Participates in Generation-to-Generation Letters and Messages

The Legacy of St. Anthony residents look forward to sharing their wisdom with other generations. At The Legacy together we thrive on making the connections with our local community and enjoy building long lasting relationships that will last a life time. Building connections in our community not only happens with the amazing staff we have sharing the word about the beautiful community and all it has to offer along with the residents wanting to share in the experience as well.

The residents of The Legacy of St. Anthony have been enjoying writing letters to children in the local schools in the St. Anthony Village area. The Legacy would like to thank both the St. Anthony Village High School and Waite Park Elementary School ­students for taking the time to write letters to our residents. The Legacy residents have then been responding back to the students who have wrote to them and at The Legacy we will continue sending letters back and forth and sharing stories with one another. The letters have been such a hit that The Legacy is now taking on the adventure of sharing words of wisdom from our residents on our community Facebook page to share with more members in our community.

Information on St. Anthony Village High School can be found at and Waite Park Elementary information visit

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