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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

The Legacy is in Full Bloom

With two beautiful patios, it’s no surprise that The Legacy has lots of flowers and foliage surrounding it. This is a perfect place for our many master gardeners to enjoy some of their favorite summer blooms. We even have a few residents that like to be hands on with the gardens, growing their own fresh tomatoes and peppers!

It’s exciting to see the flowers start to form on each plant, alerting us that soon we’ll have lots of fresh food growing right in our backyard. Our residents are so creative, with multiple ideas of what to do with everything they’ve grown- canning, sauces, fresh salads- the possibilities are endless!

If you think you, or somebody you know, would enjoy an atmosphere that allows you to create and embrace your hobbies, we encourage you to contact us TODAY to start your experience! We can be reached by phone at 612-843-3700 or email