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Ida Marie serves our meals with an Above & Beyond focus!

As we enter our 9th month of COVID-19 we seem to have a new norm here at The Legacy and in Ida Marie. As each passing day brings on new polices and often major changes, we stay the course of making Ida Marie a main focus in everyone's daily lives. While eating one person per table may seem like a challenge, it's up to Ida staff to enhance the meal experience, making meal time more inviting, more exciting, and more fulfilling. We do this by social engagement from a distance! It is the little things and attention to detail that can make meal times more comforting, enjoyable, and memorable. Going above and beyond is always our norm at The Legacy. We embrace this challenge 3 times a day 7 days a week and are grateful for all of our residents.  Did you know our soups are famous?  Every day our chefs make a delectable soup from scratch and it is always a hit with our valuable residents.  Pictured is one of those famous soups with an amazingly delicious salad.   

We look forward to serving you and your families soon!  For more information about living the Legacy Experience, please call Tom H. today at 612-843-3700