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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Ida Marie Legacy Gives You the “Royal” Treatment

It is close to November and our colors from the dining room are breathtaking.

October has been full of events as of the 15th music weekly, new staff greet and meets, residents’ forums, chef chat and chef demos plus our very own birthday celebration, the Legacy is 9 years old!  I’m personally happy to have been a part of 7 of those years and looking forward to more.

Some really nice news this month. Ida Marie has been in a partnership with St Anthony High School for 7 years now employing many Students from 9th -12th grades. Once again, our very own Sofie Stendahl was Crowned Home Coming Queen this past week congrats Sofie were all so happy for you. This makes our 2nd Queen from the legacy to be crowned in 5 years. Another great achievement from our young serving staff to become so involved with our community senior care and student work programs.

I just love brining these 2 generations together whether you are 16 or 85 friendships can be built!

Happy Cooking,
Chef Brad