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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Legacy Ida Marie Features Their Summer Menu

June is here and up until this week I was sure we were headed for a nice warm month with temps in the 70's. I guess not. Excited to be using our spring summer menus now and really excited that both the weekly sandwich and salad are selling well. The residents are enjoying the many choices we offer for all 3 meals.

Our herb garden and tomatoes are keeping pace as we look to use both by mid to late summer. 

Australia is our country for the month of June and we will be chef demoing and nice sweet taste from the land down under on June 29th in the grand Parlor please join us.

Reminder that you can swing by Ida Marie and get a bottle of water to take on your walks round our ground or neighborhood it’s very important to keep hydrated on the warm days were experiencing now and throughout the summer Safety First.

Please help welcome our new team members as you meet and see them, we pleased to have the be a part of our team as always were here for you.

If you’re interested in starting your experience at The Legacy, call 612-843-3700 or email

Happy Cooking,
Chef brad