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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Legacy Ida Marie Eagerly Awaits Spring!

Hello families and friends,

April has finally arrived! Although we Minnesotans know this doesn’t promise the end of snow or prompt us to take out our shorts and flip flops, we can still be excited!  All of us will be eager to see the temperature first reach 50 degrees and will listen each day for the first sounds of birds busying themselves in anticipation for spring.  Here at Ida Marie we too are eagerly awaiting spring.  Soon we will be able to get this years’ first bounties of fresh produce and will celebrate accordingly. So, the rush will be to purchase our herbs and start the design of our Herb Garden for the summer. I’ am also excited about the country we ‘visit’ and celebrate in April.  Israel has so many food dishes with so many wonderful herbs and spices. It’s going to be a great challenge to Chef Demo some flavors of Israel as we learn more about its culture and foods. I promise you Chef Jordan will not let you down.

Happy Cooking,
Chef Brad

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