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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Ida Marie at the Legacy, serving delicious meals daily!

As we enter our 5th month of COVID-19 and the ever-changing world that has now become our norm,  Ida Marie continues to forge ahead providing wonderful, home-cooked meals and lots of smiles under our masks! When it comes to a list of events for each month of residents celebrating a birthday or a grandchild’s graduation from middle school, we like to take the time to stop and chat with our residents to learn more and congratulate achievements. We can’t hug or give high 5’s but we can give them that moment of importance to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY or CONGRATS! Those are the days we leave we a smile on our faces. As we continue forward, look for new and exciting items on our menu in addition to our weekly "grilling" events!

Call today to schedule a tour with Tom and be sure to stop in and see us in the Bistro. Sweets and treats provided!  P.S.  Doesn't this look amazing?

The Legacy of St. Anthony |

2540 Kenzie Terrace | St. Anthony, MN 55418 | (612) 843-3700