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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

St. Anthony High School Students Make a Difference at Legacy of St. Anthony

This month I would like to talk about the wonderful community partnership I have formed with the energetic student of St Anthony High School.  For the better part of 6 plus years Ida Marie has brought together the youngest generation of working Students employees to serve our residents here at the Legacy. 

Lang Nelson Corporate has supported my efforts to employ 14–18-year-old high school students and I have to say it’s been very rewarding for both them me and the residents in which we serve. Putting these two generations of people together without phones, computers, videos or internet, has bought out the best in all. These kids have embraced the experience and wisdom that the residents freely offer and lasting friendships have ensued. most of these kids stay employed here until graduating and moving on to college.

Many residents are presently surprise to greeted by one of the kids that live on the same block as they did for so many years. Ida Marie Legacy has employed over 100 students from it very own community since I started this partnership 6 years ago. The word in the high school halls is, “if you want a job go see Chef Brad at the Legacy. He offers fair pay great working hours and a chance to be of service to others. Working at the Legacy ROCKS.”

I have spent many a great night supporting this partnership while attending sporting event, concerts, theater productions, parades etc.  Not because I have too, but because it’s fun and I want to. These are my kids, and this community partnership is priceless. 

Happy Cooking,
Chef Brad