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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Service with a smile from our Legacy Ida Marie Restaurant!

Our staff at Ida Marie knows the importance of daily pre-meal meetings to focus on residents concerns and needs and to be of better service during this time of uncertainty. Food in senior care communities ranks high in the day to day lives of our residents even without a Pandemic in the mix.

The reassurance that we're listening to requests and needs during this time is vital. Ida Marie has weekly menu reviews to gather information on what's working and what isn't. We strive to implement the best possible cycle we can for our ever-changing population. Ida Marie staff at the Legacy embraces the challenge of engagement during this time when our residents need to be heard and we listen because we care!​  Pictured is a Capresse salad served in August as it is a residents favorite. Doesn't that look delicious! 

 Happy Cooking, Chef Brad

For more information and to tour the Legacy, call Tom at 612-843-3700 today!