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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

The Legacy is Gathered Together with so Much to Share and Memories to Made

At The Legacy of St. Anthony, we look forward to every reason to celebrate and gather with one another residents, staff and family. Gathering together has always been a big deal here at The Legacy and as COVID regulations are slowly changing we look forward to sharing more time with one another.

In February, we got to celebrate many events together including kicking off our travel program where residents and staff together learned about China and those that have traveled to China were able to share their personal stories as well. We also held a Valentines social where residents and staff joined together for an awesome afternoon of treats provided by our very own IDA Marie Chefs. The décor was beautiful, but seeing everyone gathered together and socializing was even better.

Here at The Legacy we look forward to all that is yet to come in the year! Looking forward to more gatherings with residents, families and friends. In March we will continue our travels and will be heading to Ireland where the residents are excited and asking for the next destination. The Legacy family looks forward to seeing you at our next travel destination!

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