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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

The Legacy is Tracking Travel Around the World

The New Year is here and at The Legacy of St. Anthony we are ready for the adventures that lie ahead. New Year brings many new events to look forward too and give a try along with more memories to be shared. At The Legacy residents and staff are looking forward to our travels around the world.

In January residents and staff joined together to make their own passports so they are ready for take-off in February. Travel is something many of our residents have enjoyed or still enjoy today so why not share in the fun travel memories we have. The Legacy of St. Anthony looks forward to having our community decorated to celebrate the country we will be traveling too along with tracking our travels and many different events and activities around the country throughout each month. Be sure to check back or watch our Facebook for updates on our traveling experience or join us, and be part of The Legacy of St. Anthony Community!

Call TODAY to start your experience at 612-843-3700 or email