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It is All in the Presentation At The Legacy Ida Marie

Forbes magazine reported in 2019 that 9.3 Billon dollars was spent on food advertisement either from flyers magazine’s billboards web sites and television. In fact, it’s been said that people can actually reflect on the flavors and tastes of such ads when they see them. That’s why most spontaneous food orders & deliveries happen from 9 pm-2 am from television and online foods ads.

We here at Ida Marie Legacy are no different. I preach to my cooks and servers time and time again the utmost importance of plate presentation.  I want that "oh my" or "Wow" moment from each and every customer we serve.  I like to call this our 3-phase process to great customer Service.

  1. Make flavorful, properly-seasoned food
  2. Arrange your plates with colorful eye appeal fare
  3. Walk the dining room for constructive feedback and engagement to better our production goals and service

In today fast pace food industry, its critical to stop and collect the needed data to raise the bar in each area of your operation and find a solution to be better.
From where I see things there is no dough that the World is now eating with its eyes.

Happy Cooking,
Chef Brad