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Happy Cooking With Chef Brad at Ida Marie Legacy

Where has the summer gone, as we ready ourselves for the colors of Autumn, we find that the summer has slipped by so quickly.

Today’s BBQ was one of our best as the overcast skies made for a nice pleasant day for Residents to share and enjoy a hot and cold BBQ lunch with each other, no 90 degrees humidity and sweat running down our faces, just nice 75 and a slight cool wind from the north. As we ready ourselves for the change in seasons, we also enter the time when its nice to gather on the patio and partake in some lemonade and roasted corn on the cob, I will send out a flyer soon as to what dates have chosen but I think its either a Saturday or Sundays. It’s been nice to have the fresh herbs to cut from our garden and I will soon be pulling the plants up to dry out for winter use too. We’re looking forward to a long air fresh fall full of color and smells of the pines and maples coming to their seasonal end also.

Please join us for Caramel Roll Tuesdays at 8:30 am every Tuesday.  Friends and families’ welcome!

Happy Cooking,
Chef Brad