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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Oh, the Places the Legacy will Go

The Legacy of St. Anthony residents continue their travels around the world. Together we have completed travels to 3 countries and are looking forward to what is in store for May where together we will be traveling to Brazil. Traveling has brought out a lot of great stories from the residents sharing all about their travels in the past and others learning so much about the different destinations. Of course, there is so much to learn and hear about in each country we travel too that we could surely spend more than a month in each country. We have enjoyed a travel presentation, group crossword on the countries, Trivia, Reminisce, and even a Taste of the food in the different countries.

The Legacy of St. Anthony residents and staff would love for you to join us for our next travel adventure and share about the traveling you have done in the past. Looking to travel the world in the comfort of your beautiful new home? Call TODAY to start your experience at 612-843-3700 or email