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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

The Legacy travels back in time!

Have you personally ever met Colonel Josiah Snelling? Well, I have. Let me explain. On Thursday, September 24, a Legacy bus travelled back in time to the historic Fort Snelling in St. Paul for their “History on the Go!” tour and program. A costumed tour guide from the Minnesota Historical Society boarded our Legacy bus and gave us a historical presentation as we drove through all of the Fort Snelling compound. The Fort is actually quite large going on both sides of Highway 5. We stopped at Colonel Snelling’s home where he told us in first person all about life at the Fort in the early days of 1820.
Then, we drove to the “newer” portion of the Fort that was still open up until 1945. There we were able to talk with a soldier of 1944 who was there to get his assignment as he headed off to be a part of WWII. 
After the tour we enjoyed a picnic lunch and a mini-movie of the Fort’s history in the visitor’s center. 
Yes, it was a fun and informative event that was the topic of conversation at dinner that night. A nice day was had by all!
Come and enjoy the many activities at The Legacy of St. Anthony.
Carolyn Amborn, Life Enrichment Coordinator
The Legacy of St. Anthony
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