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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

So How does one say the word "Mneme"?

Pronounced “nemmah”, Mneme Therapy is a cutting-edged whole brain therapy using everyday pleasures such as movement, painting, singing, and story-telling in unique ways to stimulate neuroplasticity, which is dramatic changes in the brain.
Twice a month The Legacy of St. Anthony enjoys the benefit of having such an activity for the residents. Larry Homan is our Mneme therapist who engages the residents in producing outstanding and very impressive works of art. The approach is not that “we are going to paint today” but rather “let’s go and have some fun with Larry!” With that pleasant approach even the individuals who say that they are not painters or artistic can create absolutely astounding paintings. 
I was so excited after seeing the work of one of the residents that day that I sent an email to the daughter of the resident along with the picture of the painting. This is the daughter’s reply, “Mom had SO MUCH FUN doing this - she was SO looking forward to it & I can't wait to see her art in person. I think she surprised herself! We will DEFINITELY have her art framed. How cool.”
Yes, Mneme Therapy is truly a fun and outstanding event. Who knows, maybe you. yourself has a hidden Rembrandt inside!
To Learn More Please Call The Legacy of St. Anthony at 612-843-3700