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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

The Knights of Columbus Men's Choir performs at the Legacy of St. Anthony

  What do people love the most about the Knights of Columbus Male Choir? Well, that is a trick question because there is not one single thing that compliments the Choir. One person would say that they love the group’s vocal and musical talents. Another person would say that they love their enthusiastic and interactive approach with its audience. Maybe a fellow group of other senior adult singers would say they appreciate the group’s ability to keep up with such a rigid practice and performance schedule. You see, the choir is made up of senior adults who are definitely in the retirement age but who have not retired from performing for many groups across the Twin Cities.  I can personally say I agree with all those statements.
This past December of 2014 once again The Legacy of St. Anthony enjoyed a beautiful Christmas concert by the Knights of Columbus Choir. The group consisted of 20 vocalists who delighted and warmed the hearts of those listening. The songs ranged from “Silent Night” to “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” to “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.” There were many smiles and many toes tapping. It was a real treat to have them with The Legacy.
So while the “holiday” season may be past approximately six weeks or so, the remembrance of the special concert given by the Knights of Columbus Choir will linger far past six weeks in the hearts of the residents and staff of The Legacy of St. Anthony. 
For information on how you can become part of the Legacy of St. Anthony please call Rob at 612-843-3700