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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Care suite residents enjoy music therapy at The Legacy!

Twice a month our Enhanced Care Suite residents are enriched and blessed by the music therapy program conducted by Living Spirit Therapy Services, LLC. On a recent visit from one of their Neurologic Music Therapists, Briah Larsen, the group composed a song set to the tune of “In the Good Ole’ Summertime.” Here are the new words. I can guarantee that you will be humming a new tune after reading it. Happy summer, everyone!

“In the good ole summertime, in the good ole summertime
We play a match of tennis and golf with your baby mine.
Then a picnic with watermelon, hot dogs and beer
Then wake up with the early birds and play a ballgame.
In the good ole summertime, in the good ole summertime
We get some worms and go out fishing, then we cook the fish.
We put on our swimsuit, get in the water 
and splash around. You gotta get a towel then know
It's the good ole summertime”

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The Legacy of St. Anthony
2540 Kenzie Terrace | St. Anthony, MN | 55418