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Grandparents....they are the light of our lives


Written by Lindsey, Resident Services Coordinator, The Legacy of St. Anthony

As I sit here thinking about what to write, I find myself very inspired by grandchildren. But it just occurred to me…I am actually very inspired by the spirit and relationship instilled by their grandparents that make these grandchildren the wonderful people they have become. Let me explain. I was working in my office and heard the most beautiful song playing on the grand piano. When I got up to see who it was, I saw a lovely young lady so immersed in her performance and her grandma, sitting in the sunshine listening to her music. The other day, a young lady walked in with her 5-year old son. They were looking at The Legacy for her Grandma. As we were discussing the cares Grandma might need, the little boy was sure to add in a few things I needed to know, as well!  It was clear that the granddaughter was the primary caregiver for her grandma, and her son was an integral part of that relationship. What a precious gift to give a young boy, teaching him to care for his elders. There are so many more grandparent/grandchild stories I could share, but instead, I encourage you to invite your grandchildren or great-grandchildren to come to The Legacy and start making memories. I have a book I keep in my office that talks about “how to change the world by simply making someone’s day.” The book is called Life as a Daymaker, by David Wagner. I’d like to share an excerpt from his book:

“Grandparents play a noble role. Since they don’t have to be the disciplinarians, they can unconditionally love and nurture a child, which helps build character and confidence. The connection between grandparent and grandchild can be magical. Grandparents get to pass on legends, folklore, family trees, songs, and nursery rhymes from previous generations. Stories from their youth or their own parents’ childhood will stay with them their whole lives…”
Here are some more suggestions for making the most of your role as grandparents:
Play games that may be unfamiliar to them. Perhaps they will teach them to their own children one day.
Children love mail, so send your grandchild a letter in the mail.
Give your grandchild a hug or kiss instead of asking them for one.
Telephone your grandchild regularly, and let them know you’re calling especially for them.
Use our Skype Room to read them a bedtime story
Go to their recitals and plays, and give them flowers afterwards.
As a parent of two young children, the following quote really strikes a chord.
Grandparents…sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children” –Alex Haley
Share the beautiful Legacy of St. Anthony with Grandma and Grandpa today!  Call 612-843-3700