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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

50s Style music with Americana flavor entertained everyone at the Legacy!

Oh, what a good time we had on Thursday, November 5, when The Legacy of St. Anthony enjoyed a rockin’ afternoon with our “Back to the 50s with the Floras!” Mark and Lisa Flora are well known for their 50s style of music as well as their Americana flavor music. The Floras are local celebrities since they live in Nordeast Minneapolis so we were very delighted to have them be our musical headliners. People were dancing, hands were clapping, voices were singing, and all were laughing.

Every Thursday from 2-3 pm The Legacy of St. Anthony hosts a music social with different performers each week. We’ve enjoyed all kinds of music from blue grass to classical to Johnny Cash and back to Americana. Of course, in the true Legacy style, refreshments are enjoyed. 

So come one Thursday. I’m sure you’ll be back for the second and third until your Thursday afternoon includes a music social at The Legacy of St. Anthony. We would love to see you!
Call today to join this wonderful community!
The Legacy of St. Anthony, 2540 Kenzie Terrace St. Anthony, MN 55418