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The Legacy of St. Anthony, a fantast(egg) Community! Read more here!

 What Does The Legacy of St. Anthony and Eggs Have in Common?
The question in the title of this Blog may have many different answers. One may answer that The Legacy is raising chickens on their back patio or that the residents really like omelets or quiche for breakfast. Well, the answer to the title question is that the Director, Jesse Gully, brings in “home-grown” eggs to the staff and anybody else who hands him an empty egg carton. Let’s hear the whole story.
Jesse’s daughter, Madison, took her first “run at” raising chickens for competition through the 4H program in Anoka County MN. The Gully family grew by 17 birds of fowl in March of 2014.  Even more fascinating is that the 15 egg laying hens and the 2 roosters were ordered on-line! Yes, they were delivered to the Post Office. Now, that is another story.
Madison entered her chickens in the Anoka County Fair which began on July 21. The whole experience challenged even the best competitor but Madison came out winning the most with 2 hens winning champion of the 2 classes they were entered in and grand champion over all of the entries. She would have gone to the Minnesota State Fair but she was one year too young to do so. With that said, we wish her the best next year!
Now that the competition is over, the Gullys still have the birds. So what to do with the eggs? Collect them each morning and give them away! On average the birds lay a dozen or so a day. All one has to do is to bring an empty egg carton to Jesse, and he will bring it back with a new dozen. Of course, when one opens the box, one may think that maybe Madison had done some Easter egg dying procedure but no. The eggs are naturally blue, brown, and white. Very fun!
So the next time someone asks you what The Legacy of St. Anthony and eggs have in common you can just smile and tell the person to bring in an empty egg carton and find out! Have a great day everybody and happy egg carton collecting.
Carolyn Amborn
Life Enrichment Coordinator

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