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'Safety at Home Tips' by Kathy Anderson, RN The Legacy of St. Anthony

From the Nursing Department at The Legacy of St. Anthony
As our long awaited Minnesota Spring has Sprung, we want to make certain that our living environment provides us with safety.
Make certain that all lamp, telephone, and extension cords are placed outside of your walking, traffic patterns; and away from the sinks and kitchen range. Store or donate any throw rugs that do not have a slip resistant backing; or place a rubber non slip matting beneath them. Clear your cook top and cooking surfaces of flammable items such as oven mitts, pot holders, dish towels, plastic utensils, and paper products. *And never store items in your oven*
Store cleaning agents away from the kitchen range, oven, microwave, and refrigerator; making sure they are not accessible to your children, grandchildren - and if you are lucky enough - your great-grand-children! Make certain that window curtains and blinds do not drape against a heat source, or into your walking traffic areas. Replace the light bulbs and the night light bulbs to provide an adequate light flow for your safety with walking, finding needed items after dusk. Make certain that your medication containers are clearly marked with your name, and that the physician instructions are clear to you. Dispose of outdated medications. Store your medications out of reach of your family members - remember those grandchildren and those greats -their safety is important as well! Have your Family and Emergency telephone numbers, cell phone numbers, and their email addresses posted in large print by your phone. Always keep your phone accessible for that unexpected emergency telephone call. Review your communities emergency exit plans, writing the plan down for reviewing at any time.
Take care, be safe, and remember to be a participant in making certain that your living environment is safe. 
Kathy Anderson RN
Director of Health and Wellness
The Legacy of St. Anthony