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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

The Legacy activities department is proud to celebrate fun and participation! Join us!

So what does percentages and the activity department at The Legacy of St. Anthony have in common? The participation percentage of an average of 98% is the percentage of activities attended by the residents at The Legacy! I am proud to say as The Legacy’s Life Enrichment Director that I like that high number!
What are some of these activities that have caught the interest and attention of our residents? Are you ready for the list? Well, here it goes; Chair Yoga, sports themed lunches while watching the game, Hand and Foot cards, Non-denominational Bible Study, Movie nights, Cribbage, music socials, crafts, Bingo, Catholic services, Wii Bowling, Men’s Coffee, Group Crossword Puzzle, educational presentations, paraffin hand dip spa sessions, nail polish pampering, painting classes, Chef demonstrations, health topic socials, cookie decorating socials, piano recitals, lunch outings, Red Hat parties, Art & Music, Wood Wonders, Bonfire & S’more social, Friends & Family Luncheons, dinner outings, theme days, special outings to Arboretum and apple orchards, for example, and the list goes on! There are also seasonal activities that change with the Minnesota seasons!
So come and join us on any of these activities and be a part of 98% club! We don’t think of people as just numbers but boy, do I like that percentage! Have a great day everybody.
The Legacy of St. Anthony
2540 Kenzie Terrace
St. Anthony, MN 55418