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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

Summer at The Legacy of St. Anthony!

Summer; a simple, 6 letter word that stands for so many things. To our team it means fun, camping, family time, barbeques, family picnics, beautiful weather, farmer’s markets, baseball, sandcastles, morning coffee on the patio, pool and beach trips, being outdoors, and so many more! What does summer mean to you? We would like to invite you to celebrate summer with your families here at The Legacy! How fun would it be to have a party on the patio with the grandkids drawing with sidewalk chalk? There are so many options at The Legacy for summer fun…you can reserve the patio and grill to enjoy a private party outside; you can enjoy your evenings on the screen porch (out of the mosquitoes); you can have coffee on the front porch and watch the cars drive by on Kenzie Terrace. Being a resident of a Lang Nelson community has so many perks! Did you know you can take advantage of amenities at other Lang Nelson sites? Autumn Woods is right next door and has the perfect summer getaway; a heated pool! You are able to check out the pool keys at the front desk and walk over to enjoy the sunshine and cool off in the pool! If you have any questions or would like assistance planning a summer celebration, please come see me! In whatever form summer celebration means to you, we hope to share it with you! And don’t forget the sunscreen!

Call the Legacy today to enjoy your summer with us!  612-843-3700