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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

What Did You Do at the Legacy of St. Anthony for the Holidays?

When we asked our residents what they did for the Holiday’s, they exclaimed “what didn’t we do!” The main event kicked off with a delicious Holiday lunch.  The crowd was so large, tables needed to be set up in the Grand Parlor and extra chairs were added to the tables in the Bistro. The Christmas season was truly “Merry and Bright” for our annual Christmas Light tour.  We rode in grand style. The Lang Nelson transportation prompt and beautify decorated. As we came a little closer to the “Big Day,” we decorated Christmas Cookies.  The sugar cookie cut outs came from a favorite local bakery called Sarah Janes bakery.  We had cinnamon spiced tea with our cookies. The aroma in the Town Hall was reminiscent of those that we shared with our families when we were younger

A newer, favorite Christmas activity that was suggested last year, was caroling throughout the building.  Everyone was in fine voice.  However; we were grateful for our Christmas Elder Song CD to keep us in tune. Our food/warm clothing/toy drive was highly successful and delivered to a local Salvation Army for those who are desperately in need of assistance during the Holidays.

Our Director, Lafawn Kibble is truly an inspirational leader, as she encouraged “team legacy” through this heartfelt endeavor. Santa’s elves were busy putting together sweet treats in the Town Hall for all to enjoy. In addition to all the activity in the Town Hall, the ever-popular Village Room was used for a family event. As we came to a close of 2023, Santa for a visit at our monthly birthday party. Many came to celebrate the birthdays with cake, ice cream and the music of Randy Rolloff.

If you’d like more information on all of the fun we have here at The Legacy of St. Anthony, give us a call.  We would love to show you how amazing our community is!   
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