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| Community: The Legacy of St Anthony

The Legacy Takes Pride in Taking Care of Everyone

The Director, Nursing staff and other support staff from The Legacy of St. Anthony dropped in on a few of our other Lang Nelson communities  They provided a free blood pressure clinic during their visit. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is a huge part of the Lang Nelson. At The Legacy, chair yoga is practiced 4 times a week.  During yoga, hand held weights are used to build muscle, and a few moments of boxing provides attendees with a cardio burst.  We always end with a neck massage, which is everyone's favorite.

We have a great partnership with Fox Therapy.  One of their therapists conducts an exercise group one day a week in the afternoon.  Modalities such as resistant bands are used to increase endurance and their play list of peppy music plays a role in keeping exercise fun.  Our friends from Fox Rehab have partnered up with our neighbors over at Autumn Woods.  Many of those neighbors have also attended the Fox Rehab classes and the yoga classes at The Legacy.   

We take great pride in announcing that every Lang Nelson community is ‘smoke free’ inside our apartment homes, common areas and offices. Our focus on good health keeps everyone enjoying the Lang Nelson life style thriving and living their best life.

Want to come in and find out a little more about The Legacy? call us at 612-843-3700 or email