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Food Truck Fun Days at the Autumn Woods Location

Food trucks have taken over lunch hours everywhere! With so many curious about the progress and details of The Legacy, we are hosting Food Trucks at our Autumn Woods location! Come over for lunch and learn a little about what we have to offer while you eat! Join us for lunch anytime between 11 and 2 for Food Truck Fun Days! The Food Trucks will be located at 2580 Kenzie Terrace, St. Anthony, MN 55418.

The following food trucks will have items for purchase

August 16:

Potter’s Pasties

Featuring English pasties brought to Minnesota Streets. The menu includes, but is not limited to; The Traditional (Minced beef, carrots, onions, potatoes, and gravy), Chicken Pasty (A chicken potpie you can eat with your hands!), The Pig (braised pulled pork, apples, onions, and coriander) and a variation of English drinks and pies!

September 6:


The TOT BOSS food truck specializes in tasty tater tots and tater tot concoctions such as bacon wrapped tater tots, poutine tots, tater tot nachos, and of course – tater tot hot dish.

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