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| Community: Emerald Pointe

“Thank you” Veterans Breakfast hosted by Emerald Pointe

During a resident visit, it was brought up that our resident was a military veteran. He had been in the Air Force. It didn’t take long for the site staff to suggest that we have a breakfast to “thank our veterans for their service” and to see if there was an interest to have a monthly coffee hour for the veterans. We had a sign up sheet and five gentlemen signed up quickly.

While the breakfast was a big hit, the conversation and brotherhood were amazing. We had scheduled it to be an hour in the community room but the fellowship was so good it went longer.

They decided then and there to have a monthly Veterans Coffee Hour and to invite other veterans. It will be held the third Wednesday of the month.

All veterans are welcome to attend. The next Coffee Hour will be in the 7601 Community Room from 9 to 10 am on September 16th.  It may go longer with all the stories being shared.

Live with us today at Emerald Pointe! 

Call Mary at 763-546-2018 to schedule your tour today!