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| Community: Emerald Pointe

Emerald Pointe team, "GREAT Service is how we ROLL!"

This year Lang Nelson hosted a 2016 Summer Celebration on July 20th on Lake Minnetonka.  The theme was “Team Spirit”.  At Emerald Pointe, Sue, Dan, and Jamie put their heads together and came up with the Tootsie Roll idea.  Jamie got on the phone to her sister to see if she could come up with a costume idea.  Making the tootsie roll covers with no pattern and shipping them from North Carolina, we didn’t think they turned out too bad, especially with the slogan on the back of “GREAT Service is how we ROLL”.  There was a lot of neat ideas from all sites. From being the vending machine with all of the different candy bars to representing the United States in Red, White and Blue.  At the end of the boat trip the team that won “Team Spirit” was announced. Emerald Pointe won a trip out to Valleyfair for the day for team building.  On August 10, 2016 Sue, Dan, and Jamie went out to Valleyfair for the day.

It was an awesome day, weather wise and the park wasn’t too crowded.  Dan’s two boys and wife joined us at the park.  We rode High Roller, Renegade, Excalibur, Thunder Canyon and the Cork Screw, among spending lots of time in Soak City (the water park).  It WAS truly an enjoyable day had by all!  

Thank you to all of Emerald Pointe’s staff for all they do and to the residents who make it an enjoyable place to come to work every day!