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| Community: Emerald Pointe

Business owner finds a home at Emerald Pointe Apartments!

Jeanette and her son Delorean moved to Emerald Pointe March 15, 2015. We are so excited to have her part of the Lang Nelson family. During our initial interview, Jeanette stated she kept driving by our site and was drawn to the looks of the building. What she likes the most is that the apartment is so BIG and loves the area and felt at peace when she found her apartment. Jeanette was so happy to find a place close to her new business that she just opened on April 6, 2015.

Gramsky’s Sandwiches located at 6217 West Broadway in Brooklyn Park. As a true testimonial from the staff at Emerald Pointe we just have one word to say about Gramsky’s Sandwiches, “YUMMY”!

For more information about Emerald Pointe, call 763-546-2018! Get on our waiting list today!