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| Community: Emerald Pointe

Emerald Pointe much going on. Join us.

 Talented Emerald Pointe  
This month Emerald Pointe will be Celebrating 
Monthly Birthday Party – July 16 -  5:30 pm (7611 Community Room)
July 9 National Sugar Cookie Day- Stop by the 7611 CR between 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
July 19 National Lollipop Day- Stop by the 7611 CR between 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
July 28  National Chocolate Milk Day  - Stop by the 7611 CR between 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
July we are excited to start a stretching class in the court yard, hosted by one of our own residents, Jacob Wolo.  Mr. Wolo started his Body Toning Company called Power International Fitness.  He has recorded a few workout videos and holds a few classes around the Twin Cities.  Please join Mr. Wolo on Tuesday at 9 AM and on Saturday at 7 AM in the courtyard on the patio by the pool. “I believe our bodies need to be fit and strong and both can be accomplished without the use of weights and/or exercise equipment.” Mr. Wolo.  We look forward to a big turnout and here’s to staying healthy!
Emerald Pointe is a Multi-Family apartment complex located right in the Jewel of New Hope.  We have large one and two bedroom apartments with large windows to let lots of sunshine in.  We offer wood burning fire places in our second and third floor apartments and walk out patios on our first floor apartments.  
Emerald Pointe is just not another place to live, it is a home filled with neighbors who care about each other.
Call TODAY to schedule your appointment
7611 36th Ave N.
New Hope, MN  55427
Ask to speak to Sue or Jamie
We look forward to meeting you.