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| Community: Emerald Pointe

Thank you to The Kueviakoe Family for calling Emerald Pointe home!

The Kueviakoe family, Adamah ,Ewenam and daughter Audrey have been a part of the Lang Nelson family since 2010.  We have been so privileged to have this family be with us here at Emerald Pointe.  They moved to Minnesota in 2007 from New York.  

They chose Emerald Pointe due to the location.  Ewenam owns her own beauty shop located in the Robbinsdale Center called Prestige Beauty.  Adamah is a press assistant also in the area. Audrey will be starting 6th grade this fall at Plymouth Middle School.  When picking out their new home, they were looking for underground parking and making sure the school bus picked up at the front door.  They really enjoy the quietness at Emerald Pointe, the convenience of the shopping area, close to major highways and a safe area.  They said the office and maintenance staff are very nice (with a smile on his face), any problems it is fixed right away.  

Ewenam started participating in our Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday morning stretch with Jacob and has lost 20 lbs. since February 2016.  Ewenam told Adamah she wanted him to join because she wanted him to lose weight in his stomach.  (lol)  So Adamah who works the night shift, started participating in the 9:00 am sessions.  He now has lost 15 lbs., so that is a combined husband and wife loss of 35 lbs.  CONGRATULATIONS! Adamah was suffering with lower back pain and Jacob showed him exercises to help strengthen his back and since then, NO BACK PAIN.  Adamah stated “Residents should take advantage of this program, it’s such a great opportunity right here at Emerald Pointe.”

Emerald Pointe Apartments
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